“Learning is a means.... of self expression where learning means the process of wedening through self discover”

Schools' Logo

"Spread the knowledge" is at the heart of everything we do at the school.

Our Prime Objective

The Prime Objective of the school is to bring out the best potential of the child and to develop them to perfection.

Our Moto

Driven by the philosophy and vision of its great founder-father, the school endeavors to provide a stimulating and enriching ambience for the holistic development of young learners of tomorrow. school constantly strives to groom abele-leaders of tomorrow. empowered with knowledge and wisdom and equipped with the skills and foresight required to face global challenges posed by the ever-changing pardigms.

Our Mission

RBS School focus on the holistic development of each child. Children are recognized as individuals with unique needs, talents, strengths and differences. The Schools foster a caring environment thereby emphasizing on the social, emotional, physical and intellectual enrichment of each child. The Schools provide and promote safe, orderly, caring, inclusive and supportive environment.

Our Vision

Mentor each child to be an Achiever in life
Our Vision is to provide an environment conducive to achievement at personal excellence with high moral values and endless with high moral values and endless quest for knowledge. We are committed towards facilitating continuous and comprehensive development of each child, based on innovative learning methodology - an unwavering commitment to scholastic and regular inculcation of life skills.

Our Montessories

Rao Bharat Singh International School has its spare building of preparatory wing with the name of Montessories Wng Which strives to inclucate in its young ones fortitude, courage and conviction to be become master of their own destiny when they are grow up. Montessories wing has all the facilities required for today's modern child. We are what we Repeatedly Do- Excellence Sports and games are all given due importance. Each class has less than 30 learners. Montessories Wing aims to build an interactive ambience where student may freely express their own opinions. The Montessories Wing has introduced high tech teaching technology through smart classes where in students learn by computer project combination. Our Montessories Wing , having classes from Pre-Nur. to II Standard is being run in a modern triple storey building . The campus is artistically landscaped providing ideal environment for studies.


Discover, Value and Nurture the individual's area of excellence


Take responsibility for learning, develop intellectual curiosity and become life-long learners


Be a creative, innovative and logical thinker


Think, Speak and Write with precision, clarity and independence


Parctice sellf-discipline br organized and lead a healthy & balanced life


The tenacity to hold on to your aspirations against all odds


Imbibe strong ethics, rational decision making and leadership with a sense of team work


Understand others perspective and grow along


Adhering to principles and righteousness